GSD compilers and ground station data
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We provide Ground Station Data compilers that accept data in ARINC-424-13 and 424-15 format. These compilers convert the Jeppersen, Thales / Racal or LIDO data on CD-ROM into flight simulator compatible binary code.

The Ostrich GSD compiler is particularly useful in situations where a simulator is moved from one region to another and the existing GSD does not adequately cover the new region.

Our compilers provide total world coverage, but older flight simulators may not be able to cope with very large numbers of radio stations. The output of the compiler can be filtered so as to provide corridors of stations matching your route network or, alternatively, the new GSD binary can be stored on a "GSD Server" and served to the main simulator computer as and when required, thereby avoiding any capacity or processing power bottlenecks.



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